Payroll Bureau

With over 20 years experience in providing payroll solutions to customers ranging from small family run companies to national businesses employing hundreds of people, J C Martin & Associates have the expertise to deal with all your payroll needs effectively and efficiently.

We know how difficult and time consuming it can be to keep on top of the weekly, monthly and annual payroll deadlines an employer must meet. Allow yourself the peace of mind of knowing your payroll is being taken care of – giving you time to get on with making your business a success.

Depending on your needs we can provide a bespoke or off-the-shelf payroll service for your business. Whatever type of payroll solution you choose; our goal is to be as flexible as possible in the delivery and output of your payroll.

We are happy to receive and deliver your payroll data in whatever form suits you best, be that via e-mail, fax, telephone, post, courier or even by hand. Processing is done at a time that suits you and your accounts department; output can be weekly, bi- weekly, 4-weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. We are also able to provide and integrate your payroll data into detailed reports concerning time and attendance, job costing, project accounting and liaise with your Human Resources and Accounts departments.

Payroll Consultancy

Our Payroll Consultancy works alongside the Payroll Bureau to help improve the efficiency of your payroll management. We can provide accurate and up to date advice on your PAYE requirements, audit and run a ‘health check’ on your payroll to ensure it is operating effectively and use our experience and knowledge to work with you in formulating a strategy to help your business maximize its potential.

Bacstel-IP Bureau

bacs_approved_bureauJ C Martin & Associates has been an approved Bacstel-IP Bureau for over 23 years and was one of the first payroll service providers in the South West to be able to process payments this way. As a Bacstel-IP Bureau, we have the ability to process payments to your employees quickly and securely, with an electronic record of payment and without the need for any additional paperwork.